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Vehicle Required

Coach Hire Blackpool

Coach Hire Blackpool knows that there is a whole list of things you can do for fun in the famous seaside resort. While in Blackpool, you can visit all the tourist attraction sites, a number of those sites include Blackpool Zoo where you can take your kids for a day out, teach them about different animals that are there and show how well cared for they are.

There is a small train ride that your kids get to enjoy and it takes you to the other side of the Zoo, there is a cafe so you do not starve yourselves as you tour, the food and drinks there are very reasonable. The Penny farm is also a great place where you can make a lot of travel memories, this is like a sanctuary for horses, the atmosphere is open and you can learn so much about horses and their little ones, about how they are rescued. This is a horse paradise. If you are a fan of Archery, you can book a private session in Blackpool. Without a well-informed tour guide, you may not be able to visit such places. Our Coaches come with tour guides and so much more that you may need as you travel.

Convenient Travelling

It can be quite a hassle, struggling to find your way in a town that is very new to you and also very busy. To avoid all that, Coach Hire Blackpool will provide you with the best transportation services for your daily needs all over Blackpool. We are highly established and you can trust us for any of your transportation needs. We have vast experience and also the best Coaches around. Hiring us will give you the opportunity to ride in comfort and class.

All our executive coaches have been fitted with modern amenities that any traveller would need so as to continue with their daily routine. We have WiFi which has actually become a necessity for anyone doing business, students, and even personal needs, this wireless connection helps you to study online as you travel, read online books, articles, stream live your local channels, there is just so much you can do with this mode of the internet.

Fully Equipped Coaches

Our vehicles also have DVD players and TV screen, the DVD players allow you to watch your movies, play your favourite music and with the TV screens, you are able to watch the news, and learn about other things that are happening in the current world. You will also enjoy our recliner seats, carpeted floors, curtains, reading lights and so much more. With Coach Hire Blackpool, you will never miss a thing.

All Events Covered

We provide transport services for different groups, whether large or small. For teams traveling for business, we pick you up from the airport and drop you right back, to and from your hotels, we drive you for your meeting, and with our coaches, you can be rest assured to arrive in style and elegance. We also transport school children to school on a daily basis and back.

Our staff is highly trained and skilled. They have the best customer relation skills, they are ready to work with our clients and do as per what pleases our clients. With us, you are in very safe hands.

Contact our ever ready customer care providers for booking.

Minibus Hire

Blackpool is known for its many historical sites, Arts and Museums, Zoos, Parks, amazing Hotels and its cool atmosphere. A few of the sites you can visit while in Blackpool are, The Sea Life Blackpool where you can learn all about sea animals, you can walk in the shark tunnel and also take photos, at first it feels a bit scary but once you get through the tunnel it feels amazing. It is so educative and fun at the same time mostly for children.

The Comedy Carpet is one other place you do not want to miss, in here you will giggle at all the funny quotes and comments on the floor, it is a beautiful piece of art which covers most of the Blackpool tower. Visiting the comedy house is a great way of passing time and enjoying Tv stars and comedians.

The Grundy Art Gallery, it not a huge but its worth a visit, the paintings on the wall will take you down memory lane, it has impressive exhibits that almost everyone can enjoy. As you tour all those places, it is best to have a good means of transport and that is why we are offering you our sophisticated minibuses for hire in the whole of Blackpool.

Blackpool Minibus Hire

We offer minibuses that are suitable for wedding ceremonies, instead of many cars that will definitely create confusion, cause a lot of traffic, and probably inconvenience you Minibus Hire Blackpool will offer the most comfortable vehicles and organize everything and all you are left to worry about is only your wedding. We transport groups traveling for business to and from their destinations, we ensure that you are not late for your meeting by picking you up in time as you relax and prepare for your meeting in our luxurious minibus. We also tour families who are out here on vacations or maybe just a family day out.

Maintained Minibuses

Our minibuses are of quality standard and are well facilitated so that our clients can enjoy the best ride ever. 3 point safety belts are one safety precaution that we have taken, with this belts, you are protected from anything that may cause injuries, whether its bumps, emergency breaks, or even accidents which are rare because our vehicles are serviced and maintained regularly by professional technicians.

Overhead reading lights to ensure that you can prepare well for that meeting if there is anything that needs to be read. Air conditioning and heating system which helps you control temperature where you are seated. Blinds and curtains so that you can enjoy your privacy when you are traveling with us, tinted windows and much more just so that our customers are satisfied.

Excellent service delivery is what we aim for, to ensure that we hit our aim, we have hired competent drivers, who are fully certified and qualified. They go through refresher courses every often so that they can develop their careers.

Excellent Rates Of Hire

Our luxurious minibuses come at a very affordable cost that is pocket friendly to almost everyone. We give you the best and are very patient with our clients. We delight ourselves in the comfort of our clients.

To book with us, talk to our customer care officials and they will duly assist you.

Our Blackpool Services

The mini coach hire services that we offer are ideal for groups of people that cannot fit in a whole big coach and to whom a minibus will be small. Hiring several small vehicles for an event is costly, and if you can hire one that will accommodate you and your group, you save some bucks. Hiring also one vehicle enhances coordination of the team and makes work easier for you. Therefore, if it's an event transportation you are looking for, the Coach Hire Blackpool mini coach hire services will be ideal if you are looking for a medium sized bus.

Broad Range Of Vehicles

On the other hand, our coach hire services are perfect for large groups traveling together. In this service, we offer luxury coaches, executive coaches, and standard coaches. The standard coaches are the best if your team budget is tight. If you can spend some more money to impress, then we help you do so use our luxury coaches while the executive coaches are perfect for business travels. However, you can use them if that's your preference no matter the occasion or event.

Many Features Available

How would you feel if you travelled in a mini coach or a coach that has every feature you would want for your journey? You'd feel fantastic, right? At Coach Hire Blackpool, we want our customers to enjoy the finest of the amenities when traveling in our mini coaches and coaches. This is because we want to make all your trips as pleasing as possible and trips that you will live to remember.

If its comfort, the coaches and mini coaches that we offer come with the most comfortable soft leather seats. Moreover, the seats have the ability to recline meaning you can adjust your seat to the desired size for maximum comfort and backrest. Whenever you travel with Coach Hire Blackpool, you can never experience back pains. The leg rooms for the seats are also very spacious for the maximum relaxation of your feet.

If its climate control, all the mini coaches, and coaches have air conditioners and overhead heating systems. So whether the weather is hot or cold, Coach Hire Blackpool has ensured your travel will be as comfortable as possible.

Is it entertainment systems you'd like to have in a vehicle when traveling? All Coach Hire Blackpool coaches and mini coaches come with the most modern entertainment units. In addition, we have also purchased various music CDs from top singers and you have to play any music you want in the vehicles DVDs.

Spacious And Comfortable

If it's sufficient storage you are seeking for in a vehicle, our vehicles have some of the broadest. Both the underneath and the overhead storage facilities are wide enough to accommodate all your carry's on. So whether you want to hire our coaches or mini coaches for a conference travel or any event and you'd like to do some shopping (so you will need storage), the vehicles will accommodate that.

Excellent coach and mini coach hires require great staff that will be with you all through the process to make sure your hire and travel execution is stress free. Coach Hire Blackpool has been known to have the best staff throughout Blackpool. The individuals are self motivated besides having high qualifications in the field of customer care. If it's the drivers, they are educated above the average to CPC standard which is the top most form of transportation training attainable in the industry presently.

When hiring several coaches or mini coaches for a big event, our staff take over the organising task to help you hire rightly. We have trained the team on how to organise event transportation correctly so that we will help you when you want to hire transportation for many people. Therefore you can be sure to leave the task of transportation arrangement to us when you're organizing a great event and we will do the task perfectly.

Smooth Travel Planning

All Coach Hire Blackpool coaches and mini coaches have been insured and have licenses. Moreover, we monitor all the vehicles that are out on an assignment with a satellite to ensure you are safe when traveling with us. So when you hire, you can have peace of mind because your safety and security is taken care of.

Interested in hiring with us? We have a telephone number that is active 24/7 365.Call anytime and one of our professional staff will talk to you helping you in all areas. You can also email us or book through our website and we will do the remaining task to see you reach your desired location safely and with no struggle.

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